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New Arrivals 2020 (1)


1 Gud Cide "Contradictions"
1504 "P.A.I.N. Powerfully Aggravated Irritated Niggaz"
2-Tone Presents Texas Ballers 2000
38 Hot "Amabala"
4 Deep "What's Really Goin' On"
504 Boyz "Goodfellaz"
811 & Ph.D. - One Shot One Kill (OG)
812 Faculty "Midwest MaddNiggaz Compilation"
9-Milla & Freejack "Hood Merger"
Addiction "Gold-Teeth Rabbit"
A-G-2-A-KE "Ball $treet"
Agent Hook "Stuck N Da Game"
AJ "Trunk Banger"
Al D. "Unconditional Luv - A Memorial To DJ Screw"
Allik "Hustle Harder"
Aqua Blaq "Blaq Reign: Volume 1"
B.I.G. "Hood Boss"
Baby Ben & Kamoflauge "2 Of Tha Same"
Ball Jones "I'm Is Ball Jones"
Ben Hated "Mr Ghetto Fame"
Big B "Let The Games Begin"
Big D & Icy Hott "In It To Win It"
Big Mello "Bone Hard Zaggin"
Big Mello "Wegonefunkwichamind"
Big Mistaa "Nothing 2 Prove" Screwed & Chopped By Mister E
Big Perm "The Famine"
Big Pokey "Hardest Pit In The Litter" Reissue
Big Roddy "Off Da Dome 2.5"
Big Tuck "Purple Hulk"
Blak Ark Entertainment "Mash Mode"
Blaq Steel "The World Is A Customer"
Bloa (as Meechie) "The City Is Mine"
Blofly "Vet You Ain’t Heard Yet"
Blue Grass Ballas "Movin Units"
Bo-Bo Luchiano "Enemy Of Tha MF State"
Born 2wice "Niggaracci - In P.I.M.P. (Vol. 1)"
Brothers From Different Mothers "Out Da Blue"
BUG "Over The Years"
Bumpy Johnson "Tha Hustlelife Vol.I & II - The Bio"
Burnt Up Compilation
Bush "No More Worries"
C-30 "Cutt Throat"
Candyman Ent. "South Not Dead Ya'll Just Scared"
Cash Kola "Life In General"
Cat-Dat "G's Live Forever"
C-Note "100% Beef"
Cobane Boys "We In Yo City"
Cognac "The American Dream"
Cognac & Suave Dre "Goodplayuh'z"
Columbus Mob "Midwest Funk Volume II"
Common Folk "Southern Made"
Convicted Felons "The Crookedest Crooks In The Country"
Convicted Felons "The Year Of The Ho Niggas Is Over"
Corleone Family "AmeriKKKa's Worst Nightmare"
Corleone Family "No Gutz, No Glory"
Corrupted Seeds "To Hell In A Hand Basket"
Cowboy & Baby Capone with Da Block Burnaz "Da Original Block Burners"
D Minus "My Story"
D.O.W.N. "RU?!"
D.T.M. "What Would You Give?"
Da Bay Boys "Wanted Dead Or Alive"
Da Dark "Expect The Unexpected"
Da Rados "On The Loose"
Da Sip "Snappin"
Deadly Force "Universal"
Detroit's Most Wanted "Bow The Fuck Down"
Detroit's Most Wanted "Ghetto Drama"
Detroit's Most Wanted "Many Faces Of Death Vol. III"
Diamond D "New Money"
Dice "Neighborhood Watch"
Dirty "Country Versatile"
Dirty "Keep It Pimp & Gangsta"
Dirty 38 "The Game"
DJ Coldblooded "Not Playing Games"
DJ Squeeky "Dogging Da Game"
DJ Squeeky And Tha Family "On A Mission"
Dolamite "3rd Ward On My Mind"
Doleamite"Ruff-N-Da Ghetto"
Double O "Project Nigga"
Down Lows "Killer Instincts An Assassins Journal"
Duce Ballas "Duce Of A Kind"
Duce Blaque "Treadin Softly"
Dulaa "Time"
East Texas Playas "Grind"
ESG "Screwed Up Movement"
Fat 4 Ever "Black Cocaine With No Shame" Reprint
Fatal Instinct "One Nation Under Playa's & Pimps"
Fiend "Go Hard Or Go Home"
Fula "The Countdown"
Geto Boys "Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly"
Grass "Walkin' Barefooted"
Graveyard Soldjas "Day Of Execution"
Gugu "Re'pent"
Hitcha "The Life I Lead" First Press
Holocaust "Inferno"
Hood Heroes "Every Neighborhood Has Them"
Ice Mike "Do 'Em Dirty"
II Tight "Southern Ballers"
Ill Messiah "Colder Than A Glacier"
Infamous Playa Family "Focused On Ambitions Vol. II"
Jace "Chronicles"
Jace "Flippin-N-Holdin Vol.II"
J-Kut & DeLo "Spoken Mediation"
Kenny P "Gettin Paid"
Kid Crab "Worldwide Hustle"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp "King Of Da Playaz Ball"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp & 211 "Controversy"
Klas' One "The One And Only (Swishahouse Mix)"
Klik Tyte "Lyrical Murda"
Klova Boi "Authentically Made"
Krhyme Klick "Amerikkka's Nightmare"
Krook "Da Dirty South"
Kuntry Boy Records Presents "Kuntryology"
LandMark 205 & Bama Gee "Bamaland"
Laponne "Concrete Playground"
Lay It Down Records presents The Real Deal
Legal Substanz "One Nation Under A Game"
Life After Death "Victim Of Society"
Lil Mike "Thru Mike's Eyes"
Lil O "South Side Tippin"
Lil-Tec "Hitz From Da Sticks"
Lo-1 & Da Phranchize "Enough Said Vol. 1"
LoDown-N-Dirty "Life On The Edge"
Lord Infamous, II Tone & Tha Club House Click "After Sics"
Lucky C "Still Here"
Magno & Jokaman "Southern Lean"
Major League "Out Tha Park"
MC Breed "The New Prescription"
MC Mack "Macknificent"
Meanmug "Street Pirates (The Lost Scrolls)"
Menace To Society "Life Of A Real One"
Mercenaries "The Legacy"
Mersonary Killaz "Eastside Desperados"
Mersonary's "Time For A Hit"
Mississippi Down South Playaz "Playaz Mentality"
Mista Ian "Dope Money"
Mista Skrilla "Rida's & Balla's"
Mista Slim "Block Work"
Money Playa$ "Dead Presidents"
MOS "Aggressive Nature"
Mr. 3-2 "Fatt Domino"
Mr. Blackmagic "Thug Core"
Mr. Money Loc as Mr. Spitflame "Tangle Wit Me Vol. 1"
Mr. Sackman "Uncle D Presents Mr. Sackman"
Mr. Skrilla "Baller Status"
Mr. Wickit "Ballaz Reality"
Mr. Yayo "Dem Mighty Dollas"
Murdafeen "Me And Ma Dawgs"
Murder One "Southern Foundation Vol. 1"
Murder One "Southern Foundation Vol. 2: Young And Restless"
N.E. Questions "Chicago Fire"
Nelson El "In Ya Face"
Nelson El "The Chamber"
O.G. Style "Return Of Da Game"
Oak Cliff Assassin "Hater Free"
Out Of Order "The Era Of Triplossiss 2000 A.D."
P.D. Waxx "The Family Saga - Both Sides Of The Game"
P.V.E. Assasins "Outbreak 2000 Vol. 1"
Partners N Crime "PNC3"
Pearls Boy "Southern Syndrome"
Penetentiary "The Truth"
Petaman "Trouble Life"
Phuntane "Never Say Never"
Pimp Daddy "Pimp'n Ain't E-Z"
Pistol Maine "Round 1"
Playboy D "The Yeah Boy!"
Players For Life "Playin 4 Real"
Raw (of Probable Cauze) "Raw-Is-War"
Rawlow-B "Sick Of Dis Shit"
Ridahz "The Eclipze"
Rob Dee "I'm Da' Truth"
Rob Dee "I'm Determined"
Rod-D & ESG "From The A To The T (Tales Of 2 States)"
Rod-D Of The El Dogg Hogg "We Connected"
Ruff Side Playaz "Still Hungry Volume 2"
S To The B "Somethin Ta Roll To"
S.E.J. "The Burn The Backdraft"
Screw Heads "Forever And A Day"
Seal Team 2 "99...Year Of The Bitch"
Shot Callers "6 Figgaz"
Showtyme "Hustlen 4 $how"
Showtyme "State 2 State"
Silkk The Shocker "Made Man"
Smokey Smoke "Tryin' To Hit A Lik"
Southbreed Family "Southern Reign"
Southern Clic "I'm A Baller Baby"
Southern Dynasty "Let It Reign"
Southern Hoodlums "Who Got The Fire?"
Southside Formula "The Rise Of An Empire"
Strait "Down Here"
Stucc Fam "Family First - Vol.1"
T. Hill "If Walls Could Talk"
Tavies & Mac J "Comin Out Swinging"
Tha Nostra "This Thing Of Ours"
Tha Paypa Chasaz "Game Spittin"
The Blackout Squad
The Greatest Rap Hits From Down South New Orleans
The Hustler The Priest "The Decision"
The Infantry "Volume 1"
Thug Dirt "Dro"
Tim Smooth & Too Cool "Straight Up Drivin' Em"
Tizzy "Off Da Hizzy"
Tommy Wright III "Behind Closed Doors (Da Soundtrack)"
Track Huggaz "Paperchasin"
Troy Garland "Sleeping On Life"
Tru II Life "Street Hustlaz"
Twisted Black "The Life Of Tommy Burns"
UFL "Familia"
Uncle D Mr. Sackman "Hustle Hard. 1"
Underdogs "Da Intro Vol.2"
Venom Productions Presents Millennium VY2K
Woss Ness "Bangin Screw Part 2"
Woss Ness "Texas Dream Team"
Young C-Nite "This Aint No Movie"
Young Gotti "Living My Life"
Young Hogs "Still Hoggin"
Young Hustlaz "Where's My Money?"
Young Trojanz "Whatcha Hood Like"
Yungstar "The Return Of The Yung Don DaDa"
Z-Ro "Screwed Up Click Representa"

New Arrivals 2020 (2)


NEW 54th Platoon "Downtown Symphony (Now...Till Forever)"
54th Platoon "From Then... Till Now"
5th Ward's Main Man "500,000 Sold"
95 South "One Mo' 'Gen"
A.M.P. "Pushin' Pens"
Ace Deuce "Raw & Uncut"
Al Kapone "Da Resurrection"
Baby-X "Da Southern Phenomenon"
Backwoods Productions "Da Southern Droppoff"
Bayou Getto Clique "Onyamunkyaz"
Black & Jay "Everyday Life"
Born 2wice "Gangster Pimp"
Boss Dogg "Project Ballin"
Candyman "Platinum Hits"
Choppa "Da Real Choppa"
Crhyme 99 "Crhyme 99"
Crybaby "So Many Tears"
Dirty D.A.N. "Days Of Dirt"
DJ Zirk & Tha 2 Thick Family "Looken For Tha Chewin"
D-Lou "Tha Takeover"
Don Chino "Infamous Thug Syndicate"
Double D "Under The Influence"
Doughbelly Stray "Street Preacher"
Eddy Rebel "Legendary G"
Elliot Ness "Yellow Tape Syndrome"
Essex "First Impression"
G.B.U. "Da Good, Da Bad, Da Ugly (Street Release)"
Gangsta Pat "Da Dro"
Gold Mouf "Power Movez"
Goodfellaz "C.R.E.A.M....Enough Said!"
Hoss Kallaz "M.O.B. - My Only Brathaz"
Independent Hustlaz "Can't Wait"
Inkognito "Changing Da Game"
Jezreel "Da Weight Of This World"
Jonny Capone "Street Talk"
Kings Of The City "Who Rides Wit Da Kings"
Lil Cali "Long Live Tha Game"
Lil Keke "Changin' Lanes"
Lil' Melv "So Marvelous"
Loop Clique "Supply And Demand"
Louiziana Will "Boot Life"
Malice "Malice"
Mann Marley "Livin For Today Hopin To See Tomorrow"
MC Rod "Life's A Bitch"
Memphis Own "Memphis On The Map"
Mil-Town Hustlaz "R.A.W.W. Deal Presents Mil-Town Hustlaz"
Money Waters "The Porch"
Monk "My Dope's My Music"
Mr. Bonuts "Smoked Out"
N.U.T.S. "Knoxville" Reissue
Nervous Wreck "Brain Throbbin' Nervous Reaction"
Nook "Get Ready"
Nothin' II Lose Everything II Gain "Stage II Volume II"
Organized Crime "Trapped Inside A Bomb"
Pimpsta "Dickies & House Shoes 2000"
Pimpsta "I Wanna A Lac Like Dat"
Playa G "Pimp Shit"
Probable Cauze "Hood Stories"
Quint Black "Dirty Rice"
Quint Black "Shake Dem Haters"
Qwik C "Last But Not Least - E.P."
Real Rap Records Presents Memphis 2000
Ron C "The O/G Trendsetter"
Ruthless "Ruthless 4 Life"
S.A.C. Mafia "Socca Ballin"
Santee "Get The Paper"
Scamaless Committee "All My Life VOL. 1"
Scamaless World Records"Book Of Thugs"
Self Made Hustlas presents From Da Seed Up Vol. 1
Showtyme "Gangsterfied Pimpologist"
Silver Hawk Records "Vol 1 Shining Like Silver"
Souf Folk "Country Thuggin"
Soufside So Real Compilation
South P.A.W."Live From N.W.P."
Southern Bred "Straight Off Da Chain"
Stoney Haze "Goin Public"
T.D.K. (The Devious Klik) "Devious... The Battle"
Tension "Da Induction"
Tha Cellmates "Big Ballin"
The Congregation "Ghetto Raised"
The Desperados "Balln Outta Control"
The Devastation Clic "Universal"
Platinum 1 Entertainment "The First Family"
The Last Mr. Bigg "The Clown Show"
The Terrorists "Detonate The Landmines"
The Underground Committee "Tight Revenue"
The Wreckshop Family "Reloaded"
Thug Dirt "Texxxas Undaground Vol. 2"
Too Big Mafia "Affiliated"
Top Gun "The Problem Solver"
Top Rank Boyz "U Already Know"
V-Dog "23 Hourz"
Warren B. "Da World Is Still Turning"
Young Tay "Thowdest In Da Game"

In Stores Again: 5th Ward Boyz "PWA The Album…Keep It Poppin"
Ace Deuce "Street Muzic"
Allik "Hustle Harder"
Bigga Figgaz "Heavy In The Game"
Col Blac "Gangsta Blues"
East 12th Street "From The Hood To Hollywood'
Hater Hurters "Married 2 Da Game"
Kage "Platinum Underground"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp & The Committee "Based On A True Story"
Lil Byrd "Money, Mobbin & Murder"
Lil Sun "Sunburnt"
LMG Mafia "Southside Souljahs"
Mr. Slim's "Ghetto Tears Compilation"
P.K.O. "From Dirty To Clean"
Pimpsta "Country B4 Country Was Cool"
PMP "Pain"
Rowdy Bone "Major Takeover"
Servin Tha World Click "Shippin' N Handlin' Vol. II"
Swamp Life "Born 2 Die"
Swazy D "Coated Wit Game"
The Eastside Mob "Bout That Feddia"
Thugstar "How U Luv Dat"
Tre-8 "Dey Scared Of Me"
Turk "Penitentiary Chances"
Uptown Superstars "No More Dreams"
Y2R "The Year Too Real"
Z-Ro "Let The Truth Be Told"



Magic "Skys The Limit"
Big Fella & Te'Arthur "Broke… But Still Livin"
Magic "White Eyes"
Underground Funk Entertainment Nutt Kaze Volume 1
Trouble Souljah "Ghetto Playarizm"
Ace Of Spades "Livin Like Playas"
O.G. Goldee "It Don’t Stop!!!"
B-12 "In My Own Words"
Dallas After Dark "Eternal"
Act-N-Bad "Act-N-Bad"
LRJ "The Hang Over"
Blackguy "Think About It"
Da Cosa Nostra "This Thing Of Ours"
ABN "It Is What It Is"
L Dog "Da World Iz Yourz"
Dime Breed "Breed Of A Dime"
275 "Unlawful Entry"
DA C.O.R.E. "Collaboration Of Reality And Entertainment"
Monk "Writer’s Block"
Baby Low Ki "Put This Game Together"
Strange Nation "Dirty Trunks"
Money Waters "Swalhaggin" Limited Edition
Up-In-Ya Records Vol.1 "Mean Mug "
E.R.C."Handling Business And Then Some"
Z-Ro "Z-Ro"
Karmah Records "The Compilation"
NfaRed "Predestined"
Against The Grain "Operation Takeover"
B.O.C. Click "Ballin Outta Control"
Ca$ino M.O.B.B. "Chapter 1: The New Beginning"
Fa$e "Ya Neighborhood Superstar"
The N-Control Clique
Patty Man "Trap Affiliated"
B-12 "A Thugs Bible (Based On A True Story)"
2.5 Mafia "Quarter Block Parade"
Al Kapone "Goin All Out"
Pimpsta "Kicking Real Shit"
Shine "Rowdy"
Utopia State "Foallyall"
Mayfield Mafia "Mobbin Out Of Suggarland"
Mr. Ivan "187 In A Hockey Mask"
Twistit "Don't Get It Twistit"
Don Mac & BDC "Now Or Never"
Von Won "Game Face"
Mr. Wickit "The Life Of A Don"
Foulmouf "Talkin' Sh*t"
MC L "It Shall Be"
Big Al "Ghetto Stories"
903 "Guilty As Charged"
Quarter Key "The Pharmacy"
Mr. Quikk "Murda Murda"
Children Of The Cornbread "I'd Rather Be Hated Than Loved"
Lion's Den Records "Back In Tha Game"
Born 2wice "U Have The Right 2 Remain Violent"
Lil Black "On The Road Again"
Big Ward "Volume 1 - Family Input"
El Dog Hoggs "Grind Til We Shine"
Reality "Ya Need To Face Reality"
The X-Camp "The Replacements"
Animosity "Down 4 Whatever"
Shoboat "The North Star"
Big Steve "My Testimony"
NuOpps "Last Dayz"
Outside "Area 67"
Knight Ridaz "A New Knight"
Usual Suspects "Reality World"
ESP "Certified Playaz"
Midknight Thuggs "Living A Thugg Life" Single
Bolo "So Much Pain"
Icy-K "Original Playa"
Bo-Leg "The Man Under Vol. 1" 2CD
Serious L "All Me"
DJ DMD "Forty-Four: 3rd Coast Classics Vol. 1"
Bad Akktors "Bad Akktors"
Sherm "Sherm Smoke"
Da G.A.N.G. "Da Jiggalaters"
Krhyme Family "Money Motivated"
D-Nel "The Dawn Of A New Era"
Nawd Squad "Operation Hip-Hop"
Mafioso Click "Feel My Choppa"
Ron C "Back On The Street"
Overdoce "A Long Way Home"
C-Lo "817 Most Wanted"
615 "Ain't No Stopping Us"
PTS "Problemz II Solve"
Naybahood Coalition "Welcome To Tha Naybahood"
15.5 Entertainment "Da Army - A Soldier Dies Once"
Brothers 4 The Struggle "Rather Be Judged By 12 Than Carried By 6"
Black Male "Life Of A B.O.S.S."
Froze Ony "Gutta Wayz"
DJ Weed presents C.O.P. Clicc "Heavy Weightz"
Big Tob "Sippin' On Lean - Chopped & Screwed"
Dime Breed "Thug Nature"
2 Major Twinz "Minor 2 Major"
Bushwick Bill "Little Big Man"
Deep South Syndicate "Journey With The Syndicate"
Spliftight Committee "The Return"
Magic "On My Own"
Trapper The Rapper "Man Of The House"
Lil Byrd "The Mafioso Game Tite Calabo"
Split Personality "Do U Wanna"
Down South Affiliated "The Compilation Volume 1" Reissue
New Jack Entertainment "Debut Edition Compilation"
T-Ray "The S.T.I. Poster Child"
Dirty Bird Funk & The Black Woodies (Unofficial Release)
F.A.M. Thugs "Thugalation"
Da Crime Click "Million Wayz To Murda"
Servin Mic Ervin "Military Minded"
Game Runners "Running The Game Vol. 1"
Lil Head "Tha 4'3 Giant"
4 Deep "Another Day In The Jungle"
Marco Dane "The Brick Mason"
Chezzy "Doin Big Thangz Presents Chezzy"
Chief-A-Tree Family "Lone Star Ballaz"
Showtyme "Out Da Trunk Vol. 2 Ghetto Platinum"
Birch Mafia "Armageddon"
NfaRed "Hittin' Likks"
The Legion featuring C.O.D. "Welcome To Texas"
KO "The Process"
GVC "Livin' Life Skandalous"
Dudenem "Life As We Know It"
Texas Tantrum "Self Titled"
T.K.P."Rollin Deep Swingin Wide"
Trevon "Can't Nobody Do It Better"
Ohio Coalition "Tales Of The Grinders"
Damm D "Never Forget Loyalty (N.F.L.)"
Warren Mayes "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now"
Sentury 21 "We Living Dirty Dayz"
Mo.G "Country Gangsta Boy"
Monsters Of The Midway
Tha' Committee "Hungry"
L.O.C. "The World Ain't Ready"
DJ Yellaboy "Pusha Man 2004: Str8 Out Da Kitchen"
South Click "Nothin But Drama"
Affiliated Minds "Playaz & G'z"
The Senate "Flawless Vol.1"
Meechie AKA Bloa "B.L.O.A. (Blood Line Of America)"
P.K.O. "Armed & Dangerous"
Cartel Fam "Ahead Of Our Time"
Doleamite "Ruff-N-Da Ghetto"
Magic "Thuggin"
Ganksta NIP "Psychic Thoughts"
Da Entourage "Entourage 2"
Da Rados "On The Loose"
Tramp 1-8 "L.I.T."
Big Slack "Ready For Combat"
Crime Laced "Small Town Big City Problems 2"
Al-D "Mind At Ease"
Durdy Jack Lex Ball "Comin' Thru"
Al Kapone "Sinista Funk"
Lil Sin "Livin in Sin"
Mafia Style "Unpredictable 1"
Mobb Lyfe "The Crime Wave"
Crook "The World Is On Bone"
Tre-8 "Nuttin But Drama"
Nuffy "For My Protection"
Lil' Black "We All Gone Die"
UGK "Super Tight" Reissue
Savijtribe "You Ain't Figured Out Where We From Yet?"
Lil Keke "It Was All A Dream"
Freaky-O "Stars N Smoke"
Triple Threat "Threat 2 Society"
Sic & Southern Made Playaz "The Boss Of All Bosses"
Showtyme "Gangsterfied Pimpologist"
Big Spoon "Paid My Dues"
Yun Gunz "Dirty 3rd"
T-Pop Da I-10 "Juggla Makin Moves"
Big Boo "Shaking Them Po Po's"
MJG "No More Glory"
Soufside So Real Compilation
Crime Boss "All In The Game"
II Tone "In Too Deep"
Desperadoz "Money Go Getters"
Mista Madd & The Supa Thuggz
Black Mophia Clan "From The Streets Of The Roe"
Donkey Boyz "Bust It Open"
DJ DMD "Eleven"
Big Pokey "Hardest Pit In The Litter"
Breeze & Thyra "It Aint Easy"
Big Al presents "Da Buddha Klan"
Woss Ness "The Only Way To Beat Us"
Z-Ro "Z-Ro vs. The World"

New Arrivals 2019


808 "Southern Xposure"
8-11 & Ph.D. "Line Of Site"
Aleon "Out On Bail"
Babyface P "Da Reason 4 Comin 2 California Da Cheddar"
Bearea Records Compilation "We For Real"
Big Bull "So What! The Lord Loves Me"
Big Jut "Screwed Up Fo Life" Reissue
Big Pokey & The Wreckshop Wolfpack presents Tha Collabo"
Black Mike "Haven't You Heard"
Block Bleeders Compilation
Bodaiga "The Warehouse"
Boo "601"
Boo "Block 2 Block"
Boo Da Boss Playa "A Hustlas Prayer"
Born 2Wice "Portrait Of A Serial Player"
Botany Boys "Forever Botany"
Botany Boys "Thought Of Many Ways" Reissue
Boxxsir "Secret Indictment"
BPI "Havin Thangs"
Cadillac Willy "Let Me Ride"
Ced "What It Iz (Underground South)"
C-Loc "Under That Old Law"
C-Major "Batteries Not Included"
Col Blac "Gangsta Blues"
Crosstrax Entertainment "Do You (Compilation)"
Da Lumber "Boyz N Da Wudz Vol 2"
Dacus "Worlwide Hustle"
Danny West "Gutta City"
Deep For Life "One Foot In The Grave"
Devious "Young Southern Committee"
D-Gotti "Street Sermon"
Dirk "Valley Of Da Lost Hope"
DJ DMD "Eleven"
DJ Zirk "Underworld"
DJ Zirk & 2 Thick "Lock Em In Da Trunk" Reissue
Dramatize "Tha New Beginning"
D-Red "Still Smokin & Leanin Vol.1"
D-Town "Timeless Entertainment presents D-Town"
Dulaa "Komplex Feelings"
Erb Man "Ghetto Minista"
ESG "Sailin Da South"
Eyez "Eyez"
Fiend "Can I Burn 2"
Fiend "Can I Burn"
Flatline "Dead Man Walking"
Fula "The Countdown"
G. Quikk "Da Album"
Gang Of Change "It's Goin Down"
Gena Cide "Waste Uva Cular" (2nd press.)
G'No "Called To Teach"
G-Slimm "RIP G-Slimm"
Gylo "Its My Time"
Hahz The Rippa "Get Well Soon"
Info Blitzz "Recognize Game"
Inner-City Clique "Thats How We Roll"
Jace "Flippin-N-Holdin Vol.II"
Jazzie Redd "The Voice Of Authority"
J-Kut & Delo "Throwbacks"
J-Rod introducing Show "You Know"
K.D. "Da Duke Of Tha Souf!"
Kami Kaze Inc "Only The Strong Survive"
Kazy-D "Champagne Wishes Kaviar Dreams"
Key Playa "Trapped N Da Game"
Kilo "Too Cold To Be A Hot Boy"
King Goldie "Goldie's Novel All My Life"
Klas One "Once In A Blue Moon"
Klas One & K.O.H.O.R.T.Z. "Block Musik Vol.1"
Knoc Presents "Mob Ties"
Kottonmouth "King Kong Kotton"
KT Cool "Ballennium"
L.O.C. "Belo See Leval (RP)"
L.O.G. "Street Hitz"
Lay-Lo "Smiple & Plain"
Lil J "A Better Way (Arkansas)"
Lil Keke "Currency"
Lil O "Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze"
Lil Smooth "Ballin In Da Country"
Lil Sun "Sunburnt"
M.A.N.S.O.N. "La Familia"
Magno & Jokaman "Southern Lean"
MC Mack "Chapters Of Tha Mack For Life"
MC Mack "Talez From Da Mackside"
Meheim "Meheim"
MG "Anamaniacs"
Mobo Joe "Federalli"
Mobo Joe presents Mobo Mean Muggers
Mo-Hen "Po This Out"
Mr. 3-2 "Governor"
Mr. 3-2 "On Probation"
Mr. Coop "Poisonous Game"
Mr. Lucci "100% Real"
Mr. Marcelo "Son Of Magnolia"
M-Sidaz "Our Hood Our World Our Way"
Murder One "Rhythm For Thugs"
N.O.E. Records presents Tha N.O.E. Family "Vol.1"
N.U.T.S. "Shady Like Me"
Nitee "Street Sence"
North Memphis Posse
Oak Cliff Assassin "A Hit On Da Hitman"
Organized Trained Soulgaz "Where It All Began"
P.B. "Business As Usual"
Papa Jay "Manhunt"
Playa G "U Not My Lady"
Point Blank "Mad At The World"
Pretty Boy Thug "Dreamin Of Riches"
Psy2ko & MC L. Moodswing "Blood Is Thicker Than Water"
Puppy Dog & Killer-B "Street Knock"
RC Da Soul Boy "Da Ghetto Epistle"
Rebel "Hit'n Every Stang"
Red Dirt "Coming Wit Dat Alabama Power"
Ruthless Juveniles "Hard As Tha Fuck II"
S.S.P. "Still Scandalous"
Sandspiders "Live II Tell"
Scandalous "The Resurrection"
Sho featuring Willie D. "Trouble Man"
Sic & Southern Made Playaz "The Boss Of All Bosses"
Skinny G "Texasized"
Smoke "Patiently Waitin"
Smooth 4 Life Mafia presents Down South Heavy Hittaz Vol.1
Snake Eyez "Spook N Tha Corna"
Soldier Swole "Assault "911 An Eye For An Eye"
Souls Of Sin "Ghetto Revelations"
South Route Boyz "Dirty South Thangz"
Southern Clic "I'm A Baller Baby"
Southern Kaos "Lets Ride"
Sporty T "A Brand New Day"
Star Status "Almost Famous"
Stick "The Man And His Music"
Suave T "The Game Got Wicked"
The Big Boys "Too Big For That"
The Wreckshop Family "Doin It Fa Texas"
The Wreckshop Family "The Dirty 3rd"
Thugstar "How U Luv Dat"
Twisted Black "Late Bloomer"
U.N.L.V. "6th & Baronne"
Vicious "Walk Like A G"
Young Muhammad The Don "Caprice Music"
Yun Gunz "Dirty 3rd"
Yungstar "Throwed Yung Playas Pt.3"
Yungstar & Den Den "Crooked Profit Vol.1 Ballin Underground"
1.8.7. Mortals "Ready 4 Combat"
Amechi "Str8 Hustlin"
Big Gank "8mm Film"
Black Menagerie "The Stepping Stone"
Coop Da Real "70s Baby"
Cornbread "The Unseen"
Country Boy Clique "Goldfangaz"
Da Kennel "Tha 1st Engagement"
Da Nasty Boyz "Independent"
Don-P Pareon "Life Of A Hustler"
Dotty Atk "Undeniable"
Eastside Chedda Boyz "Chedda Make It Betta!"
Eastside Chedda Boyz "Makin Chedda On The Eastside"
Fear No Mob "The Funky Spot"
Free Style Lee "Lyrical Landscapes"
Full Clip "Late Night"
Ghetto E "Ghetto Theater"
Inner City Thugs "Still Thugin"
Izzy Dunfore "Izzy Dunfore"
K-Riley "The Allmighty K-Riley"
Livewire "Volume 1"
Looney "Tha Rise Tha Fall Tha Truth"
MAG "Hustlaz Heaven"
MC Breed "2 For The Show"
MC Breed "It's All Good"
MC Breed & The Gotti Family "This Dirty Game"
Midwest M.A.F.I.A. "Dope Game 2K"
Mr. J.T. AKA Baby Southside "Baby Southside Da Album"
Nu-World Order "The Compilation"
Paycheck "Paycheck 2 Paycheck"
P-Water "Lake Of Fire"
Raw Society "4 Life"
Ready Ace "The Way I See It"
Realite "Realite"
Rebel Life "Explosion 2000"
Red "Stuck In The Game"
Reddrumm "Focused"
Rich The Factor & Kae One "Northwest To The Midwest"
Six Pak "Beside Ourselves"
Six Pak "Gangsta World (RP)"
Straight Ball'n Records "Compilation"
Tell P. "In Tha Raw 2000"
The Alliance "United We Stand"
The Dysfunctional Family "Misguided Priorities"
The Lo-Down Committee "A Day In The Life"
True Pa "Wages Of Sin"
T-Wes "How You Still Ballin"
In Stores Again:
Bent Up Records "Change The Game"
20-2-Life "Twenty-Two-Life"
9-Milla "Round Duice"
Ammunition "Holdin Our Own"
Big Mike "Hard To Hit"
Boondox & Propaganda "The Game Of Life"
C-Loc "Camp III: Thug Brothas"
II Much "N-Da-Game"
Indo G "Angel Dust"
Kock D Zel "Dreams II Reality"
Lil Keke "It Was All A Dream"
Lil Troy "Back To Ballin"
Mr. Do It To Death
Off Tha Top Records "Compilation"
Point Blank "N-Tha-Do'" P2 50701
Prez-D "Extorsion"
Snubnoze "Digital Gravel"
Stash "Cadillacs N Regals"
The Funky Outlaw "Indiana Hustlers And Memphis City Pimps"
Toddy T "Dry Ya Eyes"
Mersonary Killaz "Blood Thirsty"

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Новинки ФЕВРАЛЬ 2018


1 Da Boy "Down South Texan"
2 Major Twinz "Twin Thang"
20-2-Life "No Bond"
20-2-Life "Twenty-Two-Life"
A.B.N. "Assholes By Nature"
Ace Deuce "1 Luv"
Ace Deuce "Street Muzic" (Reissue)
Al Kapone "Memphis To Tha Bombed Out Bay"
Al Kapone "Sinista Funk"
Al Kapone & Big Rig "901 OGz"
B-1 "Off The Hook Part 2"
Baby Boy G "Y.A.B"
Baby Face Nelson "Player Ina Motivational Position"
Behind Closed Doors "Open At Your Own Risk"
Big Chopper "Flawless Victory"
Big Pokey "Da Sky's Da Limit"
Big Steve "Back To Back Hits"
Big T "Million Dollar Hooks"
Bigg Dimes "Droppin Dimes - Pimpology 101"
Blakk Flagg "Street Poetry"
Bushwick Bill "Universal Small Souljah"
Chilly D "Too Thuggish 4 U 2000"
C-Note "100% Beef"
C-Note "Tales From Da Clover"
C-Note "Third Coast Born 2000"
Cowboy "Straight Off Da Block"
Crhyme Musick "Crhyme 99" (Re-Issue)
D.A. "These Streets Run Deep"
Dirty Blac "My Life"
Discuva "Dirty Ballin"
DJ D "Tha Worldwide Playa"
DJ DMD "Thirty-Three Live From Hiroshima"
DJ Hard "Inhale My Flow"
Dopecity Boyz "Beat Jacking Vol.1"
Duv Sac "Back From DC"
El Dog Hoggs "Thankin Mo"
Evil Pimp "The Exorcist"
Evil Pimp & Creep Lo "Kreepin Out Tha Kut"
Face Forever "RAW"
Fiend "Street Life"
Freewill Records "Paystyle Vol.2"
Full Swang Entertainment "Da Crime Family Compilation"
Gangsta Pat "Homicidal Lifestyle"
Gangsta Players "Droppen G Sh....t"
Ganksta C "Stepchild"
G-Lo "Still A G"
Greenwade "Many Sides Of A Thug"
Greenwade & Associates "Reprezement Yo Hood"
G-Ride "Da Price Uv In4ma$hun"
Heavy Hittaz "Whats Da Dam Deal! 2CD"
Hellborn "Hellborn"
Hustle "Just Doin Me"
II Much "N-Da-Game"
Immortal Bloodlinez "The Family Album"
Indangered Species
Indo G "Live & Learn"
Indo G "Purple Drank"
Infamous Playa Family "Focused On Ambitions Vol.1"
Inner City Hustlers "Time To Explode"
Jezreel "Life As A Hard Head"
Kiotti AKA Lil Balla "Jag In The Jungle"
Kottonmouth "100% Kottonmouth"
Krazy "Breather Life"
Krucifix Klan "Da Krucifixin"
Laponne "World Rumble"
Len "I Don't Wanna Die (Not Knowing)"
Lil Blunt "Pure Dope"
Lil Click "Fame R Lust"
Lil Daddy "Big Face Chaser"
Lil Keke "Coast To Coast"
Lil Keke "Peepin In My Window"
Lil Mac "It's My Turn"
Lowkey "Money Hungry"
Make Way For The Mob "Compilation"
Mississippi Down South Playaz "The 4-30 Album"
Money Black & Da Hit Squad "Operation Takeover"
Mr. C-Muphukkin-Wiz "Smokin & Rollin Vol.2"
Mr. 3-2 "The Governor"
Mr. Coop "The Chosen One"
Mr. Mac T & Big E "The Other Side Of The Game"
Mr. Magic "No Time Leave It Alone"
Mr. Magic "Reppin Tha Street Codes"
Mr. Magic "Street Realities"
Mr. Marcelo "Streetz Got Luv 4 Me"
Mr. Serv-On "Da Next Level"
Mr. South "Hatadote"
Mussilini "Coast II Coast"
Nino "Co-Founder of PKO"
Oak Cliff Assassin "Lock Down Correctional Facilities"
Oak Cliff Assassin "Target Practice"
Oak Cliff Assassin & Kanine "We From Da Same Click Compilation"
One "One Is The Magic Number"
One Grand & Courtney "King We'll Keep Holding On"
PKO "Aint Went No Where"
Point Blank "Bad Newz Travels Fast"
Point Blank "Just When You Thought It Was Safe"
Polar Bear "Naked Truth"
PYG'z "It's A Beautiful Thang"
Rally Boys "Rally World Vol. 2"
Rebel "Volume 1 One Deep"
Rowdy Bone "Major Takeover"
Scorpio "Deadly As The Venom Part 1"
Seal Team 2 "Pulpit Pimpin"
Select-A-Few Records "Jungle Livin Cant Be Tamed Vol.1"
Shiney Boyz "Heavyweight Contenders"
Shot Callers "Shot Callers II - Big Tyme Heavy Weighters"
Skull Duggrey "Controversy"
SMK "Aint Nuttin Shakin"
Snubnoze "Digital Gravel"
Soulja Slim "Years Later"
S-PYanage "Str8 2 Da Point"
Strange Nation "Southern Breaded"
Texas Ballers "Family Ties"
Ironside "Texas Thug KIW Boys"
Tha 12 "Surreptus Populus"
The 1 Way Family Compilation "Initiation To The Mob"
The Council "Relentless"
The Last Mr. Bigg "The Mask Is Off"
The South Acres Crime Family "Honor Among Thieves"
The Texas Shootout
The Underground Committee "The Prophecy"
Thug Committee "Sex Money & Mayhem"
Tom Skeemask "Come N 2 My World"
Top Dollar "The Millennium - Sold Out"
Total Corruption "World Chaos"
T-Pop Da I-10 "Juggla Makin Moves"
Tre-8 "Armageddon"
Tre-8 "Nuttin But Drama"
Tru Hustlaz "Bar None"
Twelve A Klok "Cold Case"
U.N.L.V. "Trend Setters"
Unusual Suspects "Puttin The South On The Mapper"
West TN Looney Mob "From Tha Lay To Tha Dow"
Young Bleed presents "Da Carleone Family"
Young Lo "Non Fiction"
Young Rydaz "Big Boy Dreamz"
Young Trojanz "Prime Suspects"
Yungstar "Throwed Yung Playa"

1st Family "The Inside Story"
B.H.P. "Art Gallery Vol. 1"
B.H.P. Records "Tha Block"
B.H.P. Records & Affiliates "Mid-Coast Mafia"
Big Dav "Under Surveillance"
Blackguy "All About Me"
Bombsquad "Timz Up!"
Bootleg "Hated By Many Loved By Few"
Bootmen "Hard Hat Area"
CCA "For Tha Streetz Vol.2"
C-Wood "Stress Album"
Da Prodical Son "Livin Life"
Da Rittler "Green Fiend"
DFC "The Whole World's Rotten"
Double Threat "Our Time"
E-Nutt "Down 2 Rize"
Famly Tiez "Hustlers Edition"
Flo-Eva "The Old Ingredient"
Funky Outlaw Presents South Bend Indiana Comp. Vol. 1"
Get Rich Click "Major"
Ghetto Azz Niggaz "Faithful To The Streets"
Goodfella "Hustlaholic"
Greedy as John Doe "The Life I Choose"
Group Prodagy Renaissance II "The Wide Awakeness Vol. 3"
No Doze Funkmob "Hooded Figures"
J-Billa "Ghostales Untold War Stories"
Jesse James "Welcome 2 Tha Killafield"
King Locust "The Bermuda Triangle"
L.O.D. "Lethal Overdose"
Los "Nigga On The Edge"
Low Life "Enemy Of The State"
Misled "Tha Pen Or Tha Grave"
Mr. Do It To Death
Preny Mo "Ridaz - The Album"
Rebel Life "Explosion 2000"
Rek Da Hard Rhymer "Shark Attack"
Rittler "Tha Streets Made Me"
Spade "I'll Try To Be"
Sterling G "The Night Life"
Sylk Smoov "CatAction 25-8"
The Hemp "Deep In The Game"
Top Authority "Somethin To Blaze To"
Troy Garland & Cashno "China Cash"

Новинки ИЮЛЬ 2017


Новинки ИЮЛЬ 2017

3202 "Whatcha Know Bout Dem Haven Boyz"
3rd World Cartel "Paper Tight"
601 Playaz "On 20 Inch Dubbs"
903 Playas "Dranked Out"Dranked Out"
B.A.C. "Millenium Ballaz"
B.G.G. "Dirty Livin"
Balistic "Ballin Out Of Control"
Bear & Elmo "Dallas, TX The Hard Way"
Big Mello "Done Deal"
Big Pat Aka William Phil From Sessaville "Hard Times"
Big Slim "It's On Down Here"
Big Spoon "Paid My Dues"
Bigg & Tall "It's Bigger Than Bigg & Tall"
Black & Dirty "Born Ready"
Black Folk Inc. "Natty Strong"
Breeze & Thyra "It Aint Easy"
Brown "Drought Season"
Chico "Unforgiven"
CKC "The Family"
Coop MC "Currency"
Country Boy Records "They Open The Bawn"
D.I.E. (Da Illest Ever) "21 Plagues To D.I.E."
D.J. Lee "Nashville Stories"
D.O.W.N. "Southern Slang"
Da Flat Foot Hustlers "Mobb'in W/ Da Flat Foot Hustlers"
Dap "What It Do?"
David Banner "Them Firewater Boyz"
Deep South Coalition "Chambers Of Da South"
Deville "Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once)"
Doobie Smoov "Get Blowed"
Fesu "War With No Mercy"
Gambino Family "Ghetto Organized"
Gangsta Pat "All About Comin Up" Reissue
Ghetto Commission "Wise Guys"
Godfather "Da Cosa Nostra All Money Ain't Good Money"
Guillotine "Hard Ta Kill"
Hollo Point Compilation The Legacy Begins Vol. 1
Jokaman "My Testimony"
J-Tweezy "Da Ghetto Mouth Piece Of Da South - Compilation Vol 1"
K.E.V. "Street Trophy"
K-9ine "All I Know"
Kage "Big Big"
Kage "Platinum Underground"
Kenny Thomas "Still Dirdy"
L.O.G. "Camouflaged Down"
Lil Black "Around The World In A Day"
Lil Myron "Dirty Boy 4 Life"
Lokee "Voodoo Gangsta Funk"
Lunati Capone "Years of Dedication"
Maal The Pimp "Business As Usual"
Mack Biggers "Rapid Fire - Stop Drop & Roll"
Mista Madd "Still Standing"
Money Butt Naked "Welcome To Phunky Town Vol. 2"
Money Maine & Perion "Life Style Of A Chedda Getta"
Mr. Bone "Trip Thru Tha Dirty South"
Mr. Litt "Larger Than Life"
Mr. Mike "Wicked Wayz"
Mr. Pookie "Return Of Tha Rippla"
Murder Inc. "Let's Die Together" Re-Press
P.K.O."Tha Good, Tha Bad, Tha Mafia"
Playa Fly "Fly2K"
Playa G & Took "Diamondz & Woodgrain"
Power Houze "Family Business"
Profound Ltd. "Possession With Intent To Distribute"
PYP "Pimp Your Paper"
Realla-Rolla "The Rebirth Of Real"
R-ill Records "Ready 2 Ryde"
Rite-Chus "What Goes On"
Robinson Boyz "Elevatin' Da Game"
Rudye "All Or Nothin"
Sam I Am "I'm Raw"
Savijtribe "You Ain't Figured Out Where We From Yet?"
Secret Emissaries "Element Of Surprise"
Small Tyme Ballaz "Certified"
Soulja Slim "Give It 2 'Em Raw"
Soulja Slim "The Streets Made Me"
South Click "Rebel Slave"
Southern Kartel "As The World Goes Round"
Stampede Records "Our Time 2 Shine"
Straight Jacket "Anger Management"
Tazz "U Can't Hold Me"
Terror "T.E.R.R.O.R."
The Gutsmen "Calling A Spade A Spade"
The One JP "The One JP"
The Pimpsta & The Gangsta "The Pimpsta & The Gangsta"
The Powerhouse Click 2000 "You Alright Huh!!!"
Twice Tha Game "Rap Hustlin' Vol. 2"
Yung Pigg "Tha Hood Boss"

110% Pure presents "The Code Of The Streets"
50 R.O.U.N.D.S. "Holla At Me"
812 Souljaz (Short Capone) "Four Corner Hustler"
Afta Lyfe "Tha Other Side Of Lyfe"
Ammunition "Holdin Our Own"
Anutha Relm Of Gangstaz "Lyrical Ammo"
At-Eez & Verbal "The Formula (Infiltrate The Industry)"
B.Brock "Original Balla"
Baby Boy "Lifestyles Of The Poor And Unfamous"
Baby Drew "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle EP"
Big Bear "Now Or Never"
Big Rat "The Show"
Bigg Nastee "My Life, Dreams & Feelings"
Birch Street Mafia "Armageddon"
Booski "Survival Tactics"
Bootleg "I Declare War"
Bootleg "Problems"
Bootleg "Street Related"
Born 2 Die "Blast 4 Me"
Bossman And The Blakjak "Songs In The Key Of Strife"
Breeze "Dead Serious Volume 2"
C.L.D. "Reloaded"
C-Dell "The Bud Man"
C-Dub "Eyes To My Soul"
Center City Coalition "Straight Ballin"
Confettiy "Make That Money"
Connected Fellaz "Connected"
Cornbread & J.P. "Separated At Birth"
Country Boy Clique "We Dere We Dere"
Court Dog "Thugz Diary"
Crossphade Family "681"
Da Criminal "Crooked System"
Dangerous Rob "At Tha Bank"
Dero Entertainment "The Album"
Dez "Under Pressure"
Dimebag "Save The Assumptions"
D'Nut "Imagine That"
Drastic "The Darkside"
Evil-Loc "On Fire - The Resurrection"
F.O.C. (Family Orientated Clique) "Hard Times Vol.1"
Frank Nitty "Consequences Of Murder"
Gotti Dog "What You Doin Foe Me?"
Hann "We Can't Stop!"
Hard Knox "This Is Real"
H-Mobb "The Movement"
Hoodlum Klub "Fallen Angels"
Indiotta "Street Block"
Inner City Misfitz "Life Of A Misfit"
Inner City Section "Anti-Social"
J.D. Walker "The Career Criminal"
Jahari "Big Shotz"
Jake The Flake "Out 2 Get Rich: The Album"
Jay Kool "Drunk, High & Sober"
K.C. "Speechless (Prelude 2 Armageddon)"
Ka'Nut "Look At Em Now"
Kenny P "Starting From Scratch"
Kool 4 Life Entertainment "Moneyapolis Finest"
Kory D. "The Blunt Session"
Low Life Records Inc. Presents "Life On A Lower Level The Comp. Vol. 1"
Major Pain "Like Dis Here"
Mavrik "Who Am I..."
Mersonary Killaz "Blood Thirsty"
Midwest Entertainment "Compilation Vol. 1"
Money I'z "Tears Fa Dollas"
Napalm "313 Ta 989 Da Dro Doctor"
Natris G "Cross My Heart"
Nuffy "For My Protection"
OTR Clique "As The World Turns"
P. Family Records Presents "Nazty North: The Compilation"
P.U.G.G. "Da Game Needs Me"
Preny Mo "Food For The Streets: The Album"
Reality "Face Da Enemy"
S.O.S.C. "Souls Of A Silent City"
Sahlid "The Criminal Element"
Sha Slim "Streight Frum Da Pen"
Sherrod "The Messenger"
Skanless "Stars, Skars & Stripes"
Sosa Loc "Silent Hill"
Survivors Featuring Dogg "The Realest Of The Realest"
The Block Burnaz "Operation Assassination"
The Franchize "You'll Love That"
Triple Playerz "We Ryde Dubbs"
Troy Garland "Starring In Tito Sanchez The Movie"
Tucept "U Think I Ain't"
Verbal Assassins "Snipe Session"
Von-G "Block Burnaz"
War Team "The Money Mission"
Wil Louchi "The G I Grew To Be"
Young Playas "Home Uh Da Roc"
Young Trelle "Run The Streets"

Al-D "Home Of The Free"
Bent Up Records "Change Tha Game"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp "Da Product"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp "King Of Da Playaz Ball"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp "The New Beginning"
Koopsta Knicca "The Mind Of Robert Cooper"
M.C.Gz "Second Coming"
Mob Under Da Influence "Mob Under Da Influence"
Mr. D Str8 "Blow Ya Mind"
Street Military "Next Episode"

Новинки АПРЕЛЬ 2017


Новинки АПРЕЛЬ 2017
Mr. Yayo "Dem Mighty Dollas"
Nine Eleven "Hood Operas"
10 Quezz "Red Midnight
196 Clique "Money Made Part 2"
1st Degree & Deep Sleep "Mental Prison"
318 Mafia "You Talk It, I Live It"
38 Hot "Amabala"
50 Pak "Hell Is Hot... The World Is Cold"
A Pair Of Poets With Soul "Pimps, Playas & Pyramids"
Addiction "Gold-Teeth Rabbit"
Aldo with Kriz Kang "Off The Heezzy"
Already Riders "Playaz Over Plexus"
Bennie Tate "Staoffmidic" Volume 1"
Big Grip "My Time"
Big Love "Representin Real" (1st Press)
Big Tee "Power Move"
Bigga Figgaz "Heavy In The Game"
Bingo "Goin Down (Single)"
Blofly "What U Need?"
Capital Punishment Klik "Shadow Of Death"
Caught Up Down South "The Untold Story Vol.1"
Chad-C "Negative Outlook"
Clayface "One In The Chamber"
Cold Blooded "The Down Souf Classics"
D.E.A. (Dead End Alliance) "Screwed For Life"
D.J. Lee "Money On My Mind"
Da Congregation "Put Me On"
Da Rangaz "All Night Flightaz"
Dallas After Dark "Bastard Nation"
Dangerous Grinds "Life Liberty & The Pursuit Of My Change Vol.2"
Death "Possessed By Tha Ouija Board"
Deentown Villians "2 Buck 4 Da Klub"
Deep M-Pak "N Da Game Too Deep"
Destineal "Born To Hustle"
D'Gree "New World Disorder"
Dirty Harry Production Presents "Southern Gangstas"
DJ Lil Daddy & A-Team "Marked 4 Death"
Dryad Thugs A.K.A. Lawn Boyz "Trapn Hatas Under Gangstas"
E.M.C. "I Got Dat Fire"
Enferno "Untainted Funk"
Fat Pat "Ghetto Dreams"
Family Tiez "Dayze Of Our Lives"
Ghetto Priest "My Time 2 Shine"
G-Low "The Last Man Standing"
Greenwade "Ghetto Monster"
Israal "The Mega Soulja"
Kazy-D "Nationwide Double Up"
K-Gotti "Da Grind"
Kid Suagee "Get Live!"
Kilo G "The Sleepwalker"
Klass C & Playa's By Choice "Life Of A Balla"
Kool Daddy Fresh "It's All True - Remix Album '98"
Kwan "360 Circle Ends When It Begins"
L.A. Mike "Tha Come Up"
La Royce "Wake The Dead"
Lava House "Ratchetfied In The Ghetto"
Lil Cas "Livin In Luxury"
Lil' Elt "Street Soulja"
Lil J "Get Money Stack Chipz"
Lil Monty "Dirtymon"
Lil Shu "Dirty Sixteen"
LMG Mafia "Southside Souljahs"
Loaded Boyz "Da Stunta & Da Hunta"
Lyrical 187 "Ready 4 What Eva"
M.I.M. Ent. Presents 3-Deep Or Nothing
Madism "Mind Of Madism"
Major League "Mobbin Thru Da Dirty South"
Meanmug "The Arrival"
Mello P "Pamoja Tutashinda"
Mississippi Mafia "Southern Funk III"
Mr. Lucci "Diabolical"
O.A.K. "Bout Dat Mess"
Paper "Real Talk Vol.1"
PMP "Pain"
Profit Clickk "Alaanna Dat Animosity"
Proverb "Single Shot"
Q (of Closed Caption) "Thinkin Out Loud"
R.P. Cola "Act Like U Know"
Realize "Life Through Real Eyes"
Rudi DeVille "The Adventures Of Rudi DeVille"
Ruthless Juveniles "Hard As The Fuck" (First Press)
S.E.J. "The Burn"
S.O.P. Mafia "The Compilation"
Santee "Mission Accomplished"
Shorty Roc "Soul On Ice"
Sleezie Boy "Project Knowledge"
Smokey "Mafia Hits, Chapter One"
Southern Saucy "Southside Ride"
Squirt "Universatility"
T.T.P. "Plenty Wayz 2 Get Paid"
Terror Mobb "Born Dying"
Texas Trill "Paraphernalia"
Texxxas T "Gotta Get It"
Tha Smuggglas "Little Waco Wide Open"
Tha-O "If You Were Wize"
The Dopecity Boyz "The Chronicles Of Dopecity"
The Coalition "Stra8 Up Livin Lamm"
Thug C "Down South Thuggin"
Top Knotch "Born Cursed"
Trend Setters "Da Mind Of A Man"
V.I.P. G'z "G By Day P At Night... It's In Tha Game"
Westwang Realist "For My Ridahs"
Willy Will "Walk In My Shoes"
Wisdom "Bet My Life On It"
X-Mann "History In The Making"
100 Proof "Intoxicated"
40 Cal "Game Don't Lie"
812 Faculty "No Love"
A.G.E. "Heads Or Tails"
Ammunition "Honor This"
Arsenal "Hick Life"
B.C. "B.C. In Ghetto Pain"
B.H.P. "Eastbound"
B.U.C.W.I.L.D. "It's About Time"
Big Daddy Sound "Good N Da Hood"
Big Dog "Call It What'cha Want"
Big Fellas "The Money Is Made"
Big O Playas "Compilation Volume 1"
Big U & The Madhouse Crew "Raw Deal"
C4 Entertainment "Blowin Up The Midwest"
Capital B "Time To Do Ya"
City Boyz "We Ride"
Ckukoo Bird "The Omen"
Dee Da-Gee "Larger Than Life"
Deep-C "Positions Of Power"
Dem Lawless Soldiers "Bootlegged (The Movie And Soundtrack)"
Dirty Dog "Let It Be Known"
Drama Loc "Reflections Of Existence"
E&J "Pay-Pa"
Empala "Trick Of The Enemy"
Flint City Limits Vol. One
Global Vibes Ent "Key To The City Compilation"
Greg Goines "South Side Story (No Pain, No Glory)"
High Stakes Records "A New Era Vol. 1"
Holopoint "Point Blank"
Keylo-G "Tha Pushaman Album"
Killa King "Death By Choice"
Killa Smoove "Kritical"
Kingdom "Life As I Know It"
KK-41 Kossuth Kings "Tales From The Underground Vol.1"
Kory Dee "Assed Out"
Midwest Mayhem Records presents "Time Is Up"
Mob Life Records "Compilation Album"
Mob-On Records "Somethin In The Water"
Money Click "Clicked Up"
Money Playa$ "Dead Presidents"
Mr. Clutch "The World Is Yours"
Mr. Erv "First Chapter"
Mr. Mario & Rod Tha Chemist "The Delay"
Mr. Money Loc "No Fear No Pain"
Mr. Shysty "The Gatherin: 19Shysty7"
Nickulz-N-Dimez "Chapter One"
Oh10 "Hustlers Prayers"
P.U.G.G. "Wild Life 2100"
Paycheck "Check Yo' Self"
Phat Boi "Dedicated To The Game"
Pocket Pete & Freddy Dead "Major Shitt"
Quiet Loc "Return Of The G"
R.E.D.D. Ent. presents The Coalition "Now Or Never"
Ra Desperidos "Tired Of Strugglin"
Ready Ace "The Sound Booth"
Rythum & Ghetto "Da Last Resort"
Rittler Rittler "Platinum Street Music"
Sahlid "Get It How You Live: Book One"
Slim G. "In The M.O.B. I Trust"
Snapp The Unit "Highly Anticapated Survival"
Spangoolie "D.O.I (Detonate On Impact)"
T.S.P. "Family Affair"
Tab & Da Villon "Do Or Die"
Tazmaniac Records Presents "Let It Be Taught"
The Power League Net Corporation Presents "The Big 10 Project"
The Devastation Clic "One"
Thug Mentality "On Point"
Toot "World News"
Top Secret "We What's Happenin"
Treel Beats "Long Time Comin"
Troublesome "The Devil Made Me Do It"
Tuck "Struggling"
Two Eleven "Prophecy Fullfilled"
Tywone Presents "Shouts Out To Da Hood"
Von-G "Dopeman Coming"
We On "Nation Business"
X-N "Hu$tle On"
X-Rated Click"Game Over"
YB "Book Of YB"
Young Ca$hpa "Gangstaology"
Young Huss "Off Ya Azz And On Yo Feet"
Young Mennace
Young Twan "Trump Tight"

Новинки МАРТ 2017


Новинки МАРТ 2017
20-2-Life "Up 4 Parole"
3A Records "Circus Freakshow Ride"
3rd Degree "Blood Money"
918 "Zaggin Gon Be Zaggin (RP)"
A-N-T "Choices"
Attitude "Serious Times"
B.C.O. "Tricky Situation"
B.H.P. "Denver Love"
Bad Ass Leroy Brown "Lyrical Miracle"
Big Boyz "Platinum Out Da Trunk"
Big Chris "Unforgiven"
Big Face "Innocently Born Guilty"
Big Gank "Weight Of The World"
Big O Playas Compilation Vol.2"
Big Oh! & J.Stills "Stackin Cheese & Droppin Brats"
Big Pat "Losin It"
Big T "To All My Niggaz"
Bigg Redd "I Do Tha Fool"
Bisco "Unda Ground Streetz"
Blacc Roc "Unda Pressure"
Black Phoak "Collard Greens & Gunpowda"
Black Property "Madd At Tha World"
Blessed Game "Blessed Game"
Born 2 Die "Fallen Angels"
Boss King "Murder Verses"
Bullet Proof Records "Ghetto Insanity Compilation"
C.S.T. (City Survival Tekcnics) "Chapters & Verses Vol.1"
Capital B "Off The Hinges"
C-Ghetto "Rated C-G"
Chad C "Negative Outlook"
C-Mo "Da King Of Hooks"
Cotton Boyz "Block Monopoly"
Country Boy Clique "Hustle USA"
Country Boy Clique "Powder"
Court-Dog "The Kansas City Chief"
Crazy 8 "Handle Mine"
Crime Laced "Small Town Big City Problems 2"
Crooked Family "Crooked Wayz"
D.A.P.A.K. "Life With DAPAK"
Da C.O.R.E. "Next Up!"
Da Hav Knotz "On Da Road 2 Platinum"
Dangerous Rob "Dangerous On Arrival"
Dawreck of Triple Darkness "Dark City"
DDT "Full Time Gamin"
Dead Mike "District Killer"
Derrick Note "Picture This"
Dimmer "My La-Cha"
Dirty Jerk "Luv Me Or Hate Me"
Dirty South Gumbo Compilation
DJ Lee "Struggle To Survive"
Doughbelly Stray "Red Moons & Blue Skies"
D-Russ "As The World Turns"
Dubee "Crest Side Radio" E.R.I.C. "Goin Thru A Thang"
ESG & Slim Thug "Boss Hogg Outlaws"
Fesu "The Game"
Fifteen "Livin That Ghetto Life"
Fillmo Slim "It's Phil-ly"
Foe Foe "44 Wayz"
Frayser Click "Broken Halo"
Freddy Dead "Dead Serious"
Fresh(aka Kool Daddy Fresh) "The Rebirth Of Fresh"
Frostie "Counteract Or Die Early"
Gangsta Blac "Return Of The Gangsta"
Gangsta Pat & DFC "And Da Street Muthafuckas"
Gank Move "Come Into My World"
Greedy "Benefits And Revenues"
G-Slimm "Fours Deuces & Trays (RP)"
Harvest Hill Entertainment "The Album"
Hillside Hustlas "Trillogy"
Hug Deez "Huggable Beats Compilation Vol.2"
Ice Water Slaughter "T.H.U.G.S"
II Tone "In Too Deep"
Infamous Clicc "Sex Money & Murder"
Insanity aka K.Y.S. of the MCG'z "The Introduction"
Kenny Nogood "Unemployed But Never Broke"
Kindu "Best Rapper Alive"
Kingpin Skinny Pimp "2000 Rapdope Game"
KPG "Premeditated"
Kriz Kang And The Strike One Dugout "Game 2 (Bases Loaded)"
Krucifix Klan "Fuckin Wit Dis Klan"
Lethal "Da Chosen One"
Lil Breazy "Checkmate"
Lil Nut "Wear I Liv"
Lil Rowdy "On Tha Come Up"
Lil Rowdy "Streets Owner"
Lil Sin "Frustrated By Death"
Lo-Down "Deliverance"
Lokee & Shorty C "Low Down And Dirty"
LOWC "Big Ballin"
Luxury Rydaz "Be About Your Paper"
M&M "Do Or Die"
Mac Nasty "So Serious"
MC Mack & Villain "Macknificent Villains"
Micah "Now & Forever"
Midwest Entertainment "The Lost Articles"
Mista Madd & The Supa Thuggz
Mizphit "Symphony Of Shadows Vol.1"
Mob Affiliated "Many Voices One Flame"
Money Butt Naked "Welcome To Phunky Town"
Money Mike "Southern Game Spita"
Mr. Luck "Pure Luck"
Mr. Money Loc "Imma Rolla"
Mr. Pookie "The Rippla"
N Demand "10-45"
N.A.P. "Nappy City Heavyweightz"
N.O.M.A.D.S. "Sacrificial Issues Vol.2"
NappieHead Phred "In My Own World"
Northside Hustlas Clic "Down Da Ride"
O.C.F. "War Zone"
P.K.O. "From Dirty To Clean"
Partners In Rhyme "Pager Checkin"
Paybak "Like It Or Not"
Phoresaut "Never To Return"
Playa D "Order & Kaos"
Player 1 & Bloody Bones "Crime Rate Sky-High"
Quiet Loc "Problems Of A Nation"
Rap God "At The Gate"
Reek-B "Inflatin"
S.S.P. "Country And Hardheaded"
San Da Don "Da M-Pire"
Sandman "No Secrets No Lies"
Serious L "Eyes Of Determination Vol.2"
Serious L "Serious Business"
Seven "Seventh Trumpet"
Shiloh "Sold Out"
Short Texas "My Soul Your Ears"
Silky Slim "I Sold My Soul To The Hood"
Silver Bullets "Compilation"
SK All Day "Rewind & Play"
Skulla B "Ghettozette"
Soap C "Play It Like It Go"
South Coast Coalition "Third World The Compilation"
Southern Dynasty "Let It Reign"
Street Life Hustlers "The Reconstruction"
Streetlight Entertainment "Midwest Takeover"
Strugglin To Live "Shit A Neva Change"
Suffocated Records "Cartel Life"
Syndicate Gangsters "Down Wit It"
Terror Don "When Terror Strikes!!"
Tha Nostra "Legacy"
The Boss Pimps "Pimpin Off Top"
The Gator Main "World Wide"
The Soloist "Somewhere"
The Theory "From Welfare To Riches"
The Vellie Family "Who Do We Trust...Us"
The Veteran Click "The Day We Worldwide"
Them Jenkins Boys "Hawk City"
Them Jenkins Boys "Street Music Vol.1"
Threat Affiliated "Money 2 Make"
T-Hustler "Hustlin Dont Stop"
Too Loaded Records "Str-8-Ballin (The South Coast Compilation)"
Tra-Dubse "Lyrical Geezus"
Tragedie "Pleasure-N-Pain"
Tre-Scoops & Danksta-Lo "Colo-Riders"
Trey-Sum "Somewhere Between NY & LA"
Tuck "Why"
UGK "Too Hard To Swallow"
Verbalseed "Somethin From Nothin"
Willie Boy "Obligated 2 Tha Streets"
Wiz "Issues The Album"
Young Bleed "My Balls And My Word"
Young Gunz "Possession With Intent To Deliver"
Young Mac "Untitled Truth"
Youngy "That Nigga Purubian"
Yung Herc "Da Chosen One"

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